EAST WINDSOR, CT (WFSB) - Drivers in Connecticut could be breaking the law and not even know it.

A little-known state statute could have drivers removing their license plate frames or be facing a fine.

License plate frames are so common.

People have them for their favorite team, their alma mater, in fact, sometimes the car dealership puts them on for you.

Yet, all of those examples could open you up to a ticket.

The back of Joann Frye’s GMC no longer has a license plate frame, but for five years, that wasn’t the case.

“We love the Boston Red Sox, they’re number one in our family,” Frye said.

The support remains, but you just won’t see it on the car after she got pulled over near her Broad Brook home.

“For an unregistered motor vehicle, which I was not aware of either,” Frye said.

But the state trooper tacked on an additional $117 fine for “mutilating” a plate.

It’s statute 14-18 section C and reads, “Official number plates when displayed upon motor vehicles shall be entirely unobscured and the numerals and letters thereon shall be plainly legible at all times.”

Which technically means, all plates should have nothing shielding them.

“I was so shocked to even know this law was even in effect in the state of Connecticut. Everybody has these type of frames on their vehicle,” said Frye.

Channel 3 went to a parking lot in Manchester and randomly looked at ten plates.

Four out of ten cars that Channel 3 found in the parking lot were in violation including one where both “Connecticut” and “Constitution State” were blocked.

“I’ve never heard of it, I think it’s ridiculous,” said Bill Crawford. “I will remove it as soon as possible, yes,” said Pedro Diaz, a driver.

Frye is fighting the ticket and is hoping her story can prevent others from getting caught.

“Just be aware that this law is in effect in the state of Connecticut, and it’s a 117 dollar fine,” Frye said.

Channel 3 spoke with a couple state police troopers off camera who say this is the law and certain bike racks would also technically be in violation.

It’s something to think about as spring is just around the corner.

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By law you cannot have anything hanging from your rear view mirror either. Lets start pulling everyone over for garbage infractions!


Chapter 246 Sec. 14-18 (c)
"Nothing may be affixed to a motor vehicle or to the official number plates displayed on such vehicle that obscures or impairs the visibility of any information on such number plates."

So as long as the numbers/letters are visible, you should be fine according to the law.


Boy, I read this wrong! I have been waiting years for this! The law has been on the books forever, not some new tax scheme. Between plate frames and those plastic overs (smoked or just faded) it is very of difficult to get the plate of a car, state and number. But I guess that is what you want. I just wish the police were more villigant, and with those missing front plates also. Now, about those tinted windows. . . .


Wow, cops just love to ruin someone's day. Scumbags.


Well of COURSE!!!!!!! There is NOTHING more criminally important going on out there besides busting people with license plate brackets. Puleeeeeeze.....how idiotic is that??


Cop did not like the Red Sox obviously.


New law to boosts revenue.

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