Longtime West Hartford nursery to be transformed into new homes

A beloved nursery in West Hartford will soon be transformed into a new housing development. (WFSB)

A beloved nursery in West Hartford will soon be transformed into a new housing development.

Karen Powell is one of the owners of Gled-Hill Nursery in West Hartford, and said the business has been in her family for decades.

"It's time. It's time for this to happen,” Powell said.

The nursery on Mountain Road closed a few months ago, and will soon be transformed into a housing development.

"It is very bittersweet that this is coming to an end, and I know it is for so many families,” Powell said.

A public hearing was held Monday night in front of the town plan and zoning commission.

The commission unanimously approved the Gled-Hill Estates 'open space' development project, which will comprise of 16 homes, including the Powell's pre-existing house on the property, all while preserving the natural landscape and wetlands.

The developers are also hoping to save the historic windmill on site, which has been admired and loved by customers for years.

Steve Temkin, the CEO of T&M Building Company, is one of the partners involved in the development and said not only will the homes be more energy efficient, but residents will also be able to enjoy a walking trail, large walk-in closets, as well as spacious kitchens and floor plans, that buyers can customize.

"You hear people say, they'd like to live in a new house there and now we're going to give people the chance to do that,” Temkin said.

He added that they want to get federal approval to regrade a portion of the site that's a flood plain.

"Right now, nine of the homes the elevation is such there might be an issue with the house. We don't want people to get flood insurance ... we're going to add a couple feet to the plan and raise the homes up a bit so they don't have to worry about the issue,” Temkin said.

Nearby residents said they’ll miss the nursery but they are excited to see the new development.

Some are concerned about an increase of traffic and noise from construction.

"There might be some construction now, but in the long run, there's going to be a good neighborhood behind them that might enhance their property value,” Temkin said.

He and his team are hoping to build a model home by the end of the summer.

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