ELLINGTON, CT (WFSB) - Eversource said it expects the majority of power across the state to be restored by 6 a.m. Saturday morning.

As of 11 p.m. Friday, there were 1,303 customers across the state who were without power since the coastal storm Wednesday night.

Many of those customers were in northern Connecticut, in towns like Ellington, South Windsor, Somers, and East Windsor.

Check the Eversource outage map details here.

Eversource said out-of-state crews were assisting with restoration efforts. Crews from Michigan, New York, Ohio and Virginia were in the state on Friday.

They said they've restored power to 90,000 customers since the storm began.

"Some customers have more complex outages that may take longer to restore," Eversource said. "That necessary work may also require assistance from a private electrician or contractor. Eversource representatives are contacting these customers directly to discuss their outage."

Some roads in Ellington remained blocked on Friday following the powerful storm.

Trees and powerlines remain on the ground and one family said they were still trapped in their home.

See photos of storm damage from around the state here.

Lorrie Nadeau of Ellington said her family could feel the wind come through and shake their home.

However, they said they didn't expect a huge tree to trap them inside.

They're taking the situation in stride.

"We knew that it was strong," Lorrie Nadeau said. "We didn't expect to come out to a couple of trees down."

She said the home lost power during the storm.

Once the weather died down, they discovered a big mess in their yard.

Doug Nadeau said he found the tree when he tried to leave for work on Thursday. He said he literally had no way out.

Meanwhile, crews around the town said they've been busy cleaning up. They moved trees that were blocking roads so drivers could travel.

"I think this caught everybody off guard with all the tree damage," Doug Nadeau said. "I don't think anybody expected this."

Some people in South Windsor had been without power for nearly 48 hours as of Friday afternoon.

On Pine Tree Lane, a large tree split in half and fell on a power line causing a transformer to blow.

"When we went outside he was like we cant open our door, there’s wires. The wires were like hanging over the door, they were over our cars, and then all over the street obviously," said Bettina Ward, who said she and her husband were trapped in their home after the storm.

In many parts of South Windsor on Friday crews were out clearing downed trees and power lines.

Stay with Channel 3 for the latest on the situation.

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