Hartford police identify ring leader in flash mob robbery

(Hartford police photo)

A number of young suspects have need identified in connection with a flash mob robbery at a Hartford gas station.

The crime, the type of which has become popular over the internet, involved a large group of young people piling into the Shell gas station on Capitol Avenue and leaving with snacks.

It happened around 10 p.m. on Saturday.

"The damage isn't a big deal for us. Thanks to God, every time no one get hurt from my people or kids coming in, no one get hurt. So that's a good thing," said store manager Ameer Orjami.

On Wednesday, police said a large number of parents have since brought their children forward after hearing about what happened.

They also said about 80 percent of the people seen in the station's surveillance video have been identified.

CT Fastrak came forward in the investigation after some of the teens rode its buses and were overheard bragging about the incident after the fact.

"It comes back to video, there is video all over these buses, there is video everywhere, so kids should realize that and they're going to grow up in a different society than we did," said Hartford Deputy Police Chief Brian Foley.

One adult, 21-year-old Travon Shirly, was taken into custody.

However, none of the young people have been arrested.

Police said some people have called in to identify the suspects in the video, and others have reached out on the police department's website. Some parents went as far as taking their children down to the police station.

"You have some great families out there that have stepped forward and brought their kids down there to speak with the investigators, and that process is still ongoing and it's something we encourage," Foley said.

If any one is charged, police said it would be with sixth-degree larceny.

Police said the incident caused $4,000 in damage to the property.

The store's manager said the group knocked everything to the floor. He said it appeared the damage was simply to get the store's candy.

Police continue to urge the public to report anything known about the crime.

They can be reached at 860-757-4000 or by submitting an online tip here.

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