A former Middletown man accused in the shooting death of his grandfather and the disappearance of his mother at sea was back in court on Tuesday.

Nathan Carman faced a judge in New Hampshire.

Nathan Carman's aunts filed a lawsuit in hopes of blocking him from collecting money from his grandfather's and mother's estates.

His mother, Linda Carman, still hasn't been found. He hasn't been arrested for her 2016 disappearance near Rhode Island.

According to investigators, Linda Carman was on a fishing trip with her son when his boat sank.

Nathan Carman was rescued but Linda Carman was nowhere to be found.

Nathan Carman has also been called a suspect in the 2013 shooting death of his 87-year-old grandfather John Chakalos. Chakalos was shot to death in his Windsor home.

However, Nathan Carman was never charged in that case either.

Tuesday, Nathan Carman appeared in court for a hearing in response to the suit filed by his aunts. The aunts hope to block Nathan Carman from inheritance money from Chakalos' estate.

Carmen, who is representing himself in the case, spoke briefly about his mother's disappearance in court, saying "Do we not first need to figure out, legally, whether or not my mom is considered to be deceased, what's the manner of death and by what standard of proof are we trying to determine if my...it's difficult to repeat the allegations."

Lawyers for the family were hoping to compel Carman to provide information about firearms and financial documents.

Hartford criminal defense attorney, Brian Woolf, who is not representing Carman, said Carman is doing what any lawyer would recommend their client do. Plead the fifth and don't talk.

"Any competent criminal defense lawyer, or any lawyer as a matter of fact, who has taken criminal law 1, would advise a client do not do, say or do anything that you may at some point in time be required to testify about or be questioned about or evidence produced against you in a criminal court of law," Woolf said.

The suit alleges that Nathan Carman killed John Chakalos and possibly Linda Carman in an attempt to collect inheritance money.

Nathan Carman has denied involvement in both cases.

The attorneys for the Chakalos family released a statement on Tuesday that said "Nathan Carman continues to conceal and evade. What he says about his aunts is just nonsense. John Chakalos’ daughters fully cooperated with the investigation including passing lie detector tests. By contrast, Nathan has repeatedly refused to cooperate with the police and refused to take a lie detector test and now claims that even answering the most basic questions about his “missing” assault weapon would incriminate him. Nathan is obsessed with money. All the family wants is justice. From day one, the family has pledged that if they receive money as a result of winning this case, it will go to a charity in Linda Carman’s honor. Nathan wants blood money - the family wants no part of it.”

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