Man among state police recruits not getting hired

Brock Coutu has dreamed of being a police officer (WFSB)

We've been hearing a lot about layoffs these days, and lawmakers are finding ways to cut the budget, including union concessions.

Without them, more pink slips could be handed out.

Last week, seven state police troopers were let go, plus an entire class of recruits found out they won't be hired.

As for the recruits that won't be hired, they are not actual employees but they've done the training and had a dream, like Brock Coutu.

"It’s something I always thought about,” said Coutu, who added that he always knew he wanted to be a police officer. "You can make somebody's best day that day and you can really help people and that's I think the best way that I can do that."

He is also a natural athlete. He's a two time all-American wrestler, which certainly helped in his training.

For the past three years, he's been on a steady path to being a Connecticut state police trooper.

"We've gone through psychological tests and physical tests and then the actual agility test which is the first thing you do,” Coutu said.

He was almost at the finish line, just about done with all the requirements and he was expecting his first paycheck in June.

Then he got the news that none of the 79 recruits were going to be hired.

"It kind of hurts a little bit, it’s rough,” Coutu said.

"I was heartbroken for him really. He has wanted this so much for so long,” said his mom Kathie Coutu.

She added that her son would have been a great trooper.

"He's dedicated, he's extremely honest and he's very humble,” Kathie Coutu said.

Budget cuts are forcing layoffs, and as disappointed as Brock is, the news was even harder for seven troopers who got laid off, including a lieutenant 18 years on the job.

Still, Brock had his heart set on being a trooper in his home state.

"I understand but this does leave you with a bad taste in your mouth like it’s a loss essentially, a big loss,” Brock Coutu said.

He now plans to start looking for jobs as a trooper in other states.

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