EAST HAVEN, CT (WFSB) – A man is recovering after being attacked by three dogs on Monday afternoon in East Haven.

The incident happened in the area of Palmetto Trail just after 12:30 p.m.

When officers arrived on the scene, the victim who is a resident of Palmetto Trail, was found to have several non-life-threatening injuries.

The victim, identified as Tom Kucenski, was not brought to the hospital.

"These guys were the most aggressive dogs I ever seen," said Tom Kucenski. 

He said he noticed the dogs roaming around the neighborhood. Kucenski says he was in the street when the dogs dashed back out of the house and went after him. 

"They were jumping. I was kicking them, don't know if I was trying to punch them, but just to keep them away. I was yelling and screaming at the top of my voice," Kucenski said. 

Kucenski's wife, Marcia, and a neighbor tried to make noise to get the dogs off of him. 

"The dogs went after the dog warden and he was using a snare to beat him away. They used the taser once and then they pulled out their real weapons. Fortunately, they didn't shoot them," Kucenski said. 

Animal Control responded and will continue with the investigation.

On Tuesday, police released body camera footage from when officers responded to the scene. 

WARNING: Some may find the video disturbing.

Watch the full video here. 

There is no word on how the dogs got out of the house, but neighbors believe the owners may have not secured the door. 

No additional details were released at this time.

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(4) comments


Simply put Leash laws


"Most aggressive dogs he has ever seen" yet, he didn't go to the hospital for is injury. From just the description, these dogs have good bite inhibition and were only protecting their property. The man was a threat to the dogs, not the other way around.


Leash Laws it's as simple as that. They were roaming outside off the property and out of the owners control.

Jame Gumb

With the lame duck laws concerning dogs attacking people, they should have been shot. They'll get quarantined, released if they're owned, and likely get loose again to attack another person or people. Laws need to be changed so that these animals get euthanized. People get more severe punishment for the same crimes.

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