Man fighting against proposed state police gun range

A man is fighting to keep a state police gun range from being built (WFSB)

One town’s fight against the state plan to build a state police gun range has now become a personal fight for a man who wants to prohibit anyone from building one.

What Griswold could do is unprecedented.

While other towns like Willington were able to kick the proposal to the curb, one concerned resident wants to make a law, banning the building of a range.

Stephen Douglas said the quiet, peaceful atmosphere of Lee Road in Griswold has been a rural farming area for centuries.

It’s the same area where the state is proposing to build a new gun range on an 113 acre site, which Douglas said will change things forever.

“I just don’t want 30 to 40 troopers lined up firing simultaneously. It’s a totally different sound,” Douglas said.

He like many in town not only has planted signs keeping the state’s proposed gun range out, he wants town leaders to approve a law to make sure it never happens.

“I’d feel very satisfied in an ordinance goes through,” Douglas said.

Eighteen months ago, the town abandoned a proposal to fund a legal fight keeping the state from building a gun range.

On Thursday, the town’s ordinance committee is expected to consider a proposed law banning the state range.

The suggested law could read like this: “To enact an ordinance prohibiting any person, firm, corporation, state and federal agency from constructing any future organized gun ranges within the borders of the town of Griswold, Connecticut.”

Right now the proposed ordinance is being reviewed by the town attorney.

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