A man, who was found guilty of murdering and dismembering his girlfriend in 2013, was not sentenced on Tuesday morning.

Jermaine Richards was convicted of killing his girlfriend and former Eastern Connecticut State University student Alyssiah Wiley on Sept. 15. However, in court on Tuesday, the defense put in a request for a fourth trial.

The reason behind for the request for a new trial is one of the jurors has a friend or a friend of a friend that knows Richards and that person has been posting about the trial/case online. The defense said in their request for a new trial that this information could have influenced the juror.

The judge said he would consider the motion and there is a hearing set for next week. However, there is no date for the hearing.

Prosecutors said Wiley was last seen getting into his car on the campus of Eastern Connecticut State University. Her body was found a mile and a half away from Richards' home in Trumbull about a month later. Her cell phone had also been "pinged" from a cell tower near that location.

Richards' defense attorney argued there was no confession, no murder weapon, no blood or DNA. The state said all the evidence they did have, pointed to Richards. Prosecutors said jewelry belonging to Wiley was found in a trash bag in Richards' basement.

Prosecutors argued that Richards killed Wiley because she had broken up with him. Richards has maintained his innocence throughout the case.

Wiley's mother Corrinna Martin said she is "very frustrated" with the whole process. Martin added that while she understands the need for a fair trial, she wonders when enough is enough.

Richards is being held on a $5 million bond

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