Man helps neighbor after home struck by lightning


A man in Avon helped out his neighbors after their home was struck by lightning Friday evening.

A bolt of lightning in Avon knocked out power and caused a small fire on North Point Landing as storms blew through the state Friday.

Firefighters said they were called to the home around 5:30 p.m.

Jay Jablonski said he was watching the storm, when a bolt of lightning hit a tree across the street next door to him.

“I was standing on the porch watching the storm come through and all of a sudden I see a lightning bolt hit the tree right across the street from me," Jablonski said Friday.

An elderly couple who lives at the home told him they smelled smoke and that's when the neighbor spotted smoke coming from the side of the house.

“The rain kind of subsided and I came out and just checking the drainage around the house and my neighbor came out of the house and said she smelled smoke so I went over there and walked around the house and I saw smoke coming out of a side of the siding where a pipe was going through," Jablonski said.

Jablonski went downstairs and spotted flames on the ceiling of the basement. He grabbed two small fire extinguishers nearby and put the fire out.

“So I went down to the basement and there was some flaming on the ceiling. So I went in and grabbed some of their fire extinguishers and stuck it above the ceiling to try to put it out. So you put the fire out from a lightning strike? Seems like it, yea," Jablonski said.

No one was hurt, but a few pipes and fixtures were melted.

The neighbor says he works in a fire protection company. The elderly couple has a grandson that works in home restoration and they will stay with family in the meanwhile.

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