MANCHESTER, CT (WFSB) - A Manchester family fears for their lives after someone shot up their home on Wednesday night.

The family says they have no idea why they were targeted.

When the young homeowners woke up Thursday morning, they realized they were victims of a seemingly senseless shooting.

“Here’s bullet hole number one, bullet hole number two, three. There’s 4, 5, 6,” said Andrew Iriondo.

The outside of Andrew Iriondo’s Manchester house is riddled with bullet holes.

But the magnitude of what happened there really hits home you look around inside.

“That’s the bullet hole that went through the entire house there which got lodged above our kitchen sink in the trim there and then if you step into the dining room, this is the bullet hole that went through both walls. There’s another one up there and there’s another one down here that they were able to extract from the wall,” said Iriondo.

During the overnight hours, Iriondo and his girlfriend Alexa Mouttas were sleeping when someone fired 6 shots into the home.

Bullets tore through the front of the house, dining room, a second wall, and the couple’s kitchen before finally getting lodged in the back wall of the house.

“I’m very scared and very shaken up over it. I can’t imagine who or what the motive would be for something like this,” said Mouttas.

Right now, Manchester police are trying to answer that question but so far investigators are stumped.

Iriondo and Mouttas say they’ve never been in trouble and don’t have any known enemies.

Still, they feel the bullet holes make it clear that their Oxford Street home was targeted.

“Right now, we are both a little bit nervous. We aren’t sure whether or not we want to stay in the house or find somewhere else to stay,” said Iriondo.

“This is so extreme, and I have no words and I’m truly disgusted, Mouttas said.

The couple thinks the shooting may have been the result of mistaken identity especially because they live in a quiet neighborhood.

But the truth is the reason behind the shooting doesn’t matter. The walls can be fixed but the shooter destroyed something much more valuable.

“I’m probably never going to be able to be comfortable here and the fact that I feel like I’ve lost everything I’ve worked hard for,” said Mouttas.

The couple says none of their neighbors have cameras on their property, but police are checking for surveillance videos a little farther up the road in order to catch the shooter.

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