Manchester youth curfew considered after uptick of car break-ins

A youth curfew in Manchester was discussed at a meeting on Tuesday night (WFSB)

Could a curfew for minors be coming to the town of Manchester?

That very controversial topic was up for discussion on Tuesday night.

Violence is not the reason for the curfew, but instead an uptick in stolen cars and car break-ins.

Police say it’s something we’re seeing statewide, not just in Manchester and many are worried, a curfew won’t solve the problem.

Dozens packed Lincoln Center in Manchester and every single one who spoke was against a proposed curfew for minors.

Some say it’s racially motivated, other say it’s unconstitutional.

Minority leader, Cheri Eckbreth, was the one who proposed it after the town has seen car thefts and break-ins soar by more than 300 percent in the span of two months.

“The statistics don’t lie, the police chief will be the first one to confirm that these type of crimes are escalating and the seriousness and risky behavior is escalating,” said Eckbreth.

She points to Meriden and Bridgeport, other cities that have implemented versions of a curfew.

Police provided input, noting this is a problem the entire state is dealing with.

They say new technology that allows for keyless entry, combined with forgetful drivers, could be a contributing factor.

The police department doesn’t believe a curfew is the solution.

“There are concerns we have as well, we have limitations to what we can do,” said Chief Marc Montminy of the Manchester Police Department.

Mayor Jay Moran agrees with the apartment.

“I believe if they’re going to steal a car, they’re going to break a curfew and we’re punishing most of our youth for a few bad apples,” said Moran.

No vote was taken and after speaking with the mayor, one may never be taken.

He says he’ll meet with local leaders and try to find another solution.

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