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EAST HAVEN, Ct. (WFSB) - The East Haven Police announced that some East Haven residents are under a mandatory evacuation.

Residents who live on the following streets by 9 p.m. on Aug. 21.

Atwater Street
  • Atwater Street Extension
  • Beach Ave
  • Beachside Avenue
  • Brazos Road
  • Bradford Avenue
  • Cambridge Court
  • Canna Drive
  • Caroline Road
  • Catherine Street
  • Center Avenue
  • Coe Avenue between Cosey Beach Avenue and Wilkenda Avenue
  • Cold Spring Street
  • Cosey Beach Avenue
  • Cosey Beach Avenue Extension
  • Cosey Beach Road
  • Dewey Avenue
  • Ellis Road
  • Farview Road
  • First Avenue
  • George Street between Bradford Avenue and Wilkenda Avenue
  • Hampton Road
  • Henry Street between Bradford Avenue and Wilkenda Avenue
  • Hobson Street
  • Fairview Road
  • First Avenue
  • Jamaica Court
  • Maturo Drive
  • Meadow Place east of North Atwater Street
  • Minor Road
  • Montouk Street
  • Morgan Avenue
  • Morgan Terrace
  • Morris Avenue
  • North Atwater Street
  • Old Town Highway
  • Palmetto Trail
  • Pequot Street
  • Phillip Street
  • Roses Farm Road
  • Second Avenue
  • Seaview Avenue
  • Shell Beach Road
  • Sibley Lane
  • Silver Sands Road between South Shore Drive and South End Road
  • Smith Street
  • South End Road
  • South Shore Drive
  • South Street
  • Stanton Road
  • Stoddard Road
  • Supa Drive
  • South Shore Drive
  • Stevens Street between Bradford Avenue and Wilkenda Avenue
  • Stoddard Road
  • Wilkenda Avenue

Emergency crews will not be able to assist those that refuse to evacuate until the storm subsides.

There are regional shelters at the North Branford Intermediate School on Foxon Road available at 6 p.m. and Career High School on Legion Avenue in New Haven available at 7 p.m.

Evacuees are encouraged to stay with family or friends.

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