Man's missing wedding ring found at Waterford beach

A man's wedding ring went missing at the beach, but thankfully someone else found it. (WFSB)

A love story about a lost wedding ring is getting a lot of attention in Connecticut.

The good news is the ring has been found and returned to its long-time bearer, a retired school teacher from Waterford.

Every day, retired high school teacher Elias Hage goes to Waterford Beach to swim.

He does laps all the time, but one day recently he was swimming and he lost his wedding ring.

The white gold engraved ring had been on his finger for 56 years, commemorating the love between he and his late wife Eleanor.

"As I was swimming, my ring felt very loose,” Hage said.

When that ring slipped from his finger, not only did it sink, but so did his heart.

"I looked around for no more than four minutes and said this is futile, it's gone,” Hage said.

He told the lifeguards what happened, and they searched and even posted a reward.

"We were searching for it. Couldn't find it. Pretty hard to find in the water,” said lifeguard Jake Zoubek.

Weeks went by, and Hage thought all hope was lost...but a man with a metal detector and a hobby of finding things saw the sign for the missing ring, and changed all that.

On Wednesday, Eyewitness News caught up with the man who found the ring, Keith Wille, and on Wednesday he and his wife Ali were heading to Block Island to search for another person’s missing wedding ring.

"Seeing his face when you return it to him, you know it's a big deal,” Wille said.

As for the grateful teacher…the lesson here is that the bonds are forever.

"It’s a tie, it's a tie and I appreciate it very much, this recovery,” Hage said.

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