NEW HAVEN, CT (WFSB) - As police violence continues to make national headlines, protesters marched in New Haven calling for reforms in policing.

The rally really focused on Yale University Police and some of the questionable actions by its officers in recent years.

Organizers hope this inspires conversations by local leaders to ensure change in policing is done.

Outrage against police violence filled the streets in New Haven as a group marched from the Green over to Yale University's Rose Center, which houses Yale's police station.

"We have to stand up and say, 'the Yale Police does not protect us'," one protestor stated.

There, several speakers criticized the department, claiming officers discriminate against minorities while also referring to a recent case where Yale and Hamden Police shot at a car sixteen times during a traffic stop, injuring a woman named Stephanie Washington.

"In 2019, YPD Terrance Pollock and Hamden Police officer Devin Eaton shot Stephanie Washington and Paul Witherspoon who were doing nothing, sitting in their car on a date," one Yale graduate worker said.

The rally was organized by the Central Connecticut Democratic Socialists of America.

"Yale could step up and do more, and that's up to their priorities," Justin Farmer, cochair of the Central Connecticut Democratic Socialists of America, says.

Justin hopes not only Yale listened today, but elected leaders as the group pushes for change at all law enforcement agencies.

"I hope that legislators and community members, and elders have conversations about what's going on. You can talk about your morals and your values, and have that conversation in your home and it's important, right?" asked Farmer.

New Haven Police did have officers standing by the rally just in case things escalated today.


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