Marlborough Country Bakery needs to find new home


After 25 years, a bakery in Marlborough may have just a few more months.

A Big Y is planned to take the place of the Marlborough Country Bakery on East Hampton Road and now the popular spot is hoping to find a new home.

The owners of the Marlborough Country Bakery said they need the support of their loyal customers more than ever.

"People come here if they have a flat tire,” Tom Bonomo, of Marlborough, said. “We're just part of the community."

Bonomo has been coming to the Marlborough Country Bakery with his dad and meeting friends to start their day.

“We look forward to hanging out for, whether it's five to maybe 30 minutes discussing where everybody is going today,” Bonomo said. “Now, the discussion is where will we go?"

Marlborough Country Bakery co-owner Georgette Goodale said their time will come to an end at the end of September. Town officials told Eyewitness News big y is slated to be built in its place.

“Capitalism is capitalism,” Goodale said. “I do believe in it, but this is real hard for us."

The Goodale family says a move to another location will be very tough and very expensive, in the hundreds-of-thousands of dollars. That's why they've set up a GoFundMe to help.

“There's a lot of equipment here that's really old, and it wouldn't survive a trip anywhere, not even across the street, so we would need money to move, a lot of it,” Marlborough Country Bakery co-owner Allison Goodale said.

Their GoFundMe goal of $200,000 is ambitious, but Georgette said the business is a second to so many and she will do anything to save it.

“We come here seven days a week and we know everybody,” Georgette said. “We know what they eat. We know what they do, so, and we love them all."

Town officials say the proposal for the Big Y, which has been in the works for close to two months, will go before the zoning commission Thursday for approval.

Eyewitness News did reach out to the Glastonbury-based Schwartz Realty Corp, who owns the space. Schwartz Realty Corp said they offered an alternative location in Marlborough for the bakery, but Georgette Goodale said it wasn't comparable to where she is now.

If you are interested in supporting the bakery, click here.

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