HARTFORD, CT (WFSB) - Registered Democrats began voting at 6 a.m. in Hartford's mayoral primary.

One of the bigger races was in Hartford where three Democrats were running for mayor.

Incumbent Mayor Luke Bronin, former Mayor Eddie Perez and state Rep. Brandon McGee were on the ballot.

An hour after the polls closed, Bronin declared victory. 

Bronin thanked supporters inside the Polish National Home after his win. The victory puts him on the ballot of the general election in November. 

Bronin is seeking a second term in office. While touting his efforts to get Hartford out of bankruptcy, he also said he has more work to do. 

J. Stan McCauley was cross-endorsed by the GOP and is running as an independent.

Bronin secured a ticket on the November ballot against McCauley.

Bronin is no stranger to primaries. He knocked off incumbent Mayor Pedro Segarra on his way to victory in 2015.

Perez attempted a political comeback. He left office in 2010 after a corruption conviction. The conviction was overturned, but he later pleaded guilty.

He'll be on the ballot in November after garnering enough signatures for a petition.

McGee, meanwhile, hoped voters will look favorably on his record as a lawmaker.

Bronin said he's guided the city after inheriting a $50 million deficit, a state bailout of more than $500 million over decades helped the city avoid bankruptcy.

“I think this election is critical to future of the city of Hartford, we have worked hard to get our city from a place of crisis to a place where we're moving forward,” Bronin said.

There are also two other petitioning candidates already on the ballot, Aaron Lewis and Giselle Jacobs. 

A link to the secretary of the state's website can be found here.

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(2) comments

Jame Gumb

A big thanks to all the Democrats who put Ned Lamont in office to tax us to death. Hopefully you learned your lesson that people like him, Eddie Perez, and Joe Ganim are a cancer to Connecticut and have changed party affiliation by now.


Yes, because it is way better to be going into a 1 trillion dollar deficit. You know, like how trump is doing with his budget.

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