HARTFORD, CT (WFSB) - Hartford's mayor said he noticed more than a dozen mattresses and a couple of couches kicked to the curb and the tip led police to a suspect.

Police said they issued a summons to Raymond Santos, 43, for illegal dumping.

Mayor Luke Bronin said he noticed 15 mattresses and 2 couches dumped in front of an address on Broad Street Tuesday around 10 p.m.

Santos was identified as the building's superintendent.

"The quicker we get images like this, the faster we can start investigating and the better chances we are at having action on it," said Sgt. Chris Mastroianni, Hartford Crime Center. 

Santos told police that he paid two unknown men $50 to help him discard the furniture on the public sidewalk.

People in the neighborhood said they see bulky garbage every day. 

"Yeah, it bothers me. You see other cities, I'll visit D.C. and it's cleaner out there," said Raymond Smith. 

The mayor and city council members say they won't tolerate illegal dumping. 

"Quality of life is nothing to be toyed around with. Quality of life here in Hartford is very important," said James Sanchez, Majority Leader of Hartford City Council. 

They are now asking people to report bulky waste on the Hartford 311 app. 

"I'd love to see our community court make these folks get out there and spend more time cleaning up our cities. I think that's what the most appropriate punishment would be," Bronin said. 

Bronin said it cost the city about $1,500 to clean up that mess. 

If a person is convicted, on top of times, they could be ordered to pay up to three times the amount it cost the city to clean it up. 

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