McDonald's in Norwich launches self-order kiosks

A McDonald's in Norwich launched its self-order kiosk on Tuesday. (WFSB)

The future arrived at a fast food restaurant in Norwich on Tuesday.

The McDonald's franchise in town showed off its standalone self-order kiosk.

It's the first in the state, according to the franchise.

"It's pretty good. It makes things a lot quicker especially when they are busier at night," said Jon Tarant, of Norwich.

McDonald's officials said the kiosks can save an average of 7 seconds in order time per customer versus having the order taken by an employee.

There are four ordering stations along with traditional order clerks to take your order, which comes up on the screen in the kitchen and prepared just as you ordered.

Then that order is delivered to your seat.

Store owner Rachel Deane said the kiosks don't replace employees but compliment her team of service reps.

"So this allows us to really focus on what the customer needed. We can show them exactly what they're getting just like we do at the screen in the drive thru. We're doing that right for them inside the restaurant today,” Deane said.

This franchise owner says she added 28 employees to the newly renovated store, and says adding the technology is not to counter $15 an hour.

"We've actually added staff to support the technology. Technology is really to help us sell more products and to make sure the customer gets the best sandwich they possibly can,” Deane said.

The kiosk itself will officially launch for public use on Wednesday.

See photos of the launch here.

The Norwich location also offers table service for guests, according to McDonald's.

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