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The weather is to blame for a Christmas tree shortage (WFSB)

MERIDEN, CT (WFSB) – Thanksgiving is still six days away, but Christmas is already on the minds of many.

Farmers say there’s a limited number of Christmas trees this season.

When it comes to putting up the Christmas tree, folks like Roger Gantenbein like to wait until after Thanksgiving.

“I always wait until the first Saturday of December because I always buy a live tree. I want it to be nice and fresh all the way through New Year’s Day. So, you limit the time it’s in the house. I’ve always done that for years,” Gantenbein said.

But not everyone is waiting until the beginning of December, especially with the limited supply of trees this year.

“Unfortunately, ten years ago, there was a recession where people and farmers could not plant a lot of trees and then we had some bad weather with drought, rain, and floods,” said Kathy Kogut, co-owner of Kogut’s Hemlock Hill Farm.

On top of that, Thanksgiving falls on November 28 this year, which is later than usual.

That means a shorter season for tree farms, so many farms like Kogut’s Hemlock Hill im Meriden are opening this weekend.

“People are really nervous they’re not going to get the kind that they want or the size that they need,” Kogut said.

Employees on the farm were hard at work on Friday getting trees and wreaths ready for customers.

They say Fraizers are the big sellers.

Kogut, who is also the executive director for the Connecticut Christmas Tree Growers Association, says if you pick out your tree early enough, you should be just fine.

Kogut’s Hemlock Hill Christmas Tree farm will open on Saturday at 9 a.m. They expect to sell a few hundred trees. 

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