MERIDEN, CT (WFSB) -- Video of police officers roughing up a person while making an arrest surfaced online over the weekend.

It happened in Meriden following a crash on West Main Street.

Posted on the Facebook page Meriden Talks, the video shows two plain clothed officers using force against David Michael O’Brien as the try to place him under arrest.

Meriden police said on Friday afternoon, detectives observed O’Brien behind the wheel of a white Nissan. They said he was recklessly swerving in and out of traffic, before eventually crashing into another car on West Main Street.

In the eyewitness video, officers are seen delivering a number of blows to the driver and telling him to stop resisting.

In a statement, Meriden police said “We are aware that there is a brief video capturing one perspective of the operator's arrest. The Meriden Police Department reviews all use of force incidents and will reserve any judgement until such time is appropriate.”

Police charged O’Brien with possession of a controlled substance, interfering, reckless endangerment, reckless driving, weapons in a motor vehicle, misuse of plates and thefts of plates.

The driver of the car he hit suffered cuts and bruises, needing a number of stitches.

Judicial records list O’Brien with a July arrest for drug possession and misusing a license plate/registration.

As for the officers involved, police are continuing to investigate the incident.

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Sorry to say looks like excessive force to me. It does not matter what happen before because the officers have this guy down on ground 2 officers on top of him punching him. That is unexceptible and they should have only handcuffed him and place him in back of car. It is like when you see one suspect and 20 or more police cars at the sight for one person. It really takes that many cops for one person, waste of man power. Just like a person when shot by police doesn't need dozen bullets in them I think one is enough. All excessive. And I know there are several cops out there that do excellent work unfortunately there are a few that always are bad apples.

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