Meriden residents asked to reduce water usage

Residents and business owners were asked to reduce their water usage in Meriden because of drought conditions.  (WFSB file)

Residents and business owners are being asked to reduce their water usage in Meriden because of drought conditions.

According to the Meriden Water Division, the water restrictions are "simple measures" to help prevent future mandatory restrictions and to preserve the public drinking water supply. The water restrictions are voluntary in nature.

Exposed rock and water marks confirm levels were consistent for months at Meriden's Reservoir at Hubbard Park. Meriden Director of Public Utilities Dennis Waz said he has not seen the level this low in decades.

"We need inches of rain to get us replenished," Waz said.

Meriden has six wells and six reservoirs, which combined were 54 percent full. They're supposed to be at 70 to 75 percent at this time of the year.

"The winter was mild and much of the summer was dry," Waz said.

their kids to conserve.

“We make sure the faucets are all the way off, not dripping and when we do dishes, we clog the drain, wash them first then rinse them,” Meriden parent Kim Pavelkops said.

It's a message that's also being sent during school’s hours at Israel Putnam Elementary.

“When the kids come in to get their drinks we do a 1, 2, 3 count down so we're not using a lot of water, and when they wash their hands, rinsing them quickly and shutting the water off,” Israel Putnam Elementary Principal Enza Adamcewicz said.

Even though rain is expected this weekend, the drought is so bad, officials said we'll need a long duration of rain to really help out.

"Ideally, we'd like soaking rain, slow, moderate rain so it would allow the water to replenish the reservoir, but at this point, we'll take whatever we can," Waz said.

Residents and business owners are being asked to do the following items: Turn off faucets while brushing your teeth. Check your home/business for leaking fixtures including toilets, which are responsible for up to 400/0 of your consumption. Repairing leaks will save you money on future bills! Do not use your toilet as a trash pail. Dispose of food, etc in your solid waste trash receptacle. Refrain from watering lawns, power washing homes/buildings, use of commercial car wash rather than washing at home. Refrain from washing driveways, sidewalks, decks and patios with your garden hose or power washing equipment. Take short showers rather than baths.

For more information about the water restrictions, click here.

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