MERIDEN, CT (WFSB) -- Some parents in Meriden reached out to Eyewitness News on Tuesday, saying a lot of students at Washington Middle School were out sick.

While officials didn't confirm specific numbers, they did say more students were out sick on Tuesday than normal.

In a statement, Meriden Superintendent of Schools Mark Benigni said “We track attendance regularly, and we are up a few percentage points today. We work closely with the Health Department, which employs our school nurses, and they recommended that we disinfect all touch points this evening. Our custodial staff will be staying tonight to ensure that the recommended cleaning occurs.”

Meriden Health officials said cold and flu season lasts well into late March, and that it is not uncommon to see a small spike in school absences.

“We encourage children to stay home when they are sick, use proper hygiene, and to get the flu shot, if they have not received one yet,” said Meriden’s Associate Health Director Stephanie Denya.

Even though the official start to spring is on Wednesday, flu season is far from over. 

"I checked her temperature and she's so hot, like it wen to 104.2 [degrees] and I took her to the emergency room and they said she had the flu," said Desiree Parmelee. 

Parmelee's daughter is a seventh grader at Washington Middle School. 

Last week, she caught the flu and missed four days of school. 

"I said, 'no, I'm not going to ignore this, I'm going to stay home with her,'" Parmelee said. 

Though her daughter has recovered and was back to school on Tuesday, the flu has been spreading to many other students at the middle school. 

"She mentioned to me that there's a few children that were also sick, but I don't know how many," Parmelee said. 

While some parents have expressed frustration over the district's response, Parmelee said she thinks the school is handling the situation correctly. 

"Oh yeah, because right away they called parents to pick them up," Parmelee said.

The CDC emphasized the best protection against the flu is getting a flu shot. 

They also recommend people wash their hands frequently and stay home from work or school to prevent spreading it to others. 

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