MIDDLETOWN, CT (WFSB) - With the cold temperatures, many are looking to the ice for fun this Winter.

Officials say you want the ice to be four inches to safely recreate on it.

Connor explores safety on the ice

"[What kind of things would I be feeling if U didn’t have this dry suit on?] A lot of shock, really cold. You’re going to start hyperventilating. Tip number one is try to control your breathing," Middletown South District Fire Jim Trzaski explained.

Never go out on the ice alone. If your friend falls in the ice, first things first, call 911.

“Moments start to slide away before notifying so the emergency responders. We need early notification so we can get on the road early. Take a deep breath, relax, get some awareness of what's going on," Trzaski said.

It can be often too dangerous to assist your friend or pet from falling into the ice.

Emergency crews can help get you or your pet out of the the water.

This week will bring up-and-down temperatures, rain, and snow.


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