Middletown residents are frustrated over FedEx distribution center construction

One of the largest construction projects in recent memory in Middletown is well underway. (WFSB)

One of the largest construction projects in recent memory in Middletown is well underway.

The new FedEx distribution center is expected to bring hundreds of jobs to the area, but as it's being built, neighbors nearby are finding themselves cleaning dirt off their homes and dodging potholes along the way.

Crews have already moved tons of earth to build the 525,000-square foot hub, and that's what neighbors have dealt with for months.

Michael Zona moved to Middle Street with his three young children this year, and he said the conditions right now is not what he signed up for.

The dirt he is finding on his home accumulates daily, he said.

“If you were here the other day, there was mud over the whole entire road. Dust is coming up on the house, the window sills, it's getting caught in the windows,” Zona said.

In May, ground was broken on the quarter billion-dollar project that's expected to bring more than 1,000 jobs and millions in revenue to the town.

It's a large undertaking and Zona says trucks that have never been seen on his street before are now coming through daily.

Eyewitness News set up a camera on Tuesday afternoon near the construction site, and let it roll for 30 minutes.

The footage captured 58 box trucks, tractor trailers, dump trucks, and other heavy equipment pass through. On average, it’s two per minute.

Middletown Mayor Dan Drew said it's all part of doing business.

There's another company coming in down the road, and the town is making room for them too, extending the water line.

“That's part of why the road has been dug up. We're putting new utilities in and the new utilities will enable more economic development,” Drew said.

While it does give those nearest to it some immediate added stress, Drew said this is the price to pay for progress.

“This is a major long-term investment by federal express. They're going to be paying taxes here for a long time and will alleviate the tax burden on homeowners through their tax payments and there will be a lot of jobs for people,” Drew said.

“It looks like it would be good for the neighborhood. Business-wise, bringing some much-needed jobs to the community,” said neighbor Russ Lincoln.

Construction will continue through next year.

Eyewitness News crews saw the street being cleaned multiple times throughout the day.

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