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HARTFORD, CT (WFSB) – A new law, which takes effect on Tuesday, raises the state’s minimum wage from $10.10 to $11 an hour.

That wage will go to $15 in 2023.

Many businesses are being affected. Grocery stores are being greatly impacted because they hire a lot of minimum wage employees.

One grocery store says it’s one of the reasons they will have to close.

After nearly 10 year, a Shop Rite in West Hartford will be closing.

At the end of November, 135 part-time and full-time employees will no longer work there. Some may get jobs at a Shop Rite in Canton and possibly other stores.

The owners blame “A challenging business climate impacted by rising costs, regulations, and new minimum wage increase.”

“Fifty-three percent of our membership were very concerned about minimum wage increases and the vast majority of those said they would deal with it by reducing the workforce and more automation, and that’s very concerning,” said Eric Gjede, CBIA.

The Connecticut Business and Industry Association says large and small companies will be impacted.

Starting Tuesday, the minimum wage will go from $10.10 to $11 an hour and it will increase one dollar every year until it reached $15 in June of 2023.

This was a seven-year fight by Democrats to help low-wage workers. Republicans feel it’s anti-business, especially when Connecticut’s economy is struggling.

“There’s a lot of competition as well. I am personally sad. I live right around the corner and I’ve been coming here since I moved to Connecticut,” said Maura Forte.

Some businesses like Bear’s Barbeque in Hartford start their employees at $15 an hour already.

New York State already has a $15 an hour minimum wage, and a number of other states will be increase their wage starting on Tuesday such as New Jersey, Maryland, and Delaware.

For a list of the new laws going into effect on Oct. 1, click here

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