Mom charged after 3-month-old found with 'multiple bone fractures'

Migdalia Camilini-Otero (Ansonia Police)

A young mother with another child on the way is accused of abusing her baby girl.

It’s a case Ansonia police have been working on for nearly a year, and on Thursday that mom faced a judge.

Ansonia police arrested 24-year-old Migdalia Camilini-Otero on Wednesday.

The expectant mother, who is reportedly due this month, is facing a number of charges after police said she abused her then 3-month-old daughter last May.

When the baby was brought to the hospital, doctors say she had multiple fractured ribs, broken toes, and a fractured clavicle.

At first, Camilini-Otero told police she didn’t know how the injuries happened or what could have caused them.

According to court paperwork, she, her boyfriend, and her mother were living at a house on North Main Street in Ansonia, and during a visit by a Department of Children and Families case worker, Camilini-Otero allegedly said “I don’t want people thinking I hurt her, she’s my miracle.”

She went on to say “when she cries, I’ll get frustrated. I will give her to my mom. I honestly think the dog stepped on her.”

However, experts at the hospital told police the baby’s injuries were too many and too severe to have been caused by an accident.

“It disgusts me, I know that’s a harsh word, but it breaks my heart. I can’t imagine somebody doing something like that to a child. It just absolutely pushes it over the limit. If you do something like that to a child, you deserve the fullest extent penalty, whatever it is,” said Maggie Gavin, of Ansonia.

During a police interview Camilini-Otero allegedly told them “I’m a first-time mom, I never had to take care of a baby before. I thought I was being gentle with her, maybe I wasn’t and if I did this to her, I didn’t mean to.”

When investigators asked how the baby could have been injured, police say she became reluctant to talk, saying “I don’t want to answer any questions like that until I have a lawyer.”

The child is currently in the custody of the Department of Children and Families and has been since police started investigating last year.

Camilini-Otero’s case was transferred to where serious cases are heard. She’s due back in court later this month.

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