NEW CANAAN, CT (WFSB) - Monday marked two years since a mother from New Canaan disappeared.

Jennifer Farber Dulos was last seen dropping her kids off at school on May 24, 2019.

Tomorrow marks two years since Jennifer Farber Dulos disappeared.

Feared dead, police believe her estranged husband Fotis Dulos killed her.

Fotis Dulos' former girlfriend and attorney are also suspected to be involved.

Michelle Troconis, Fotis Dulos' ex-girlfriend, is scheduled to appear virtually in court this week.

With the courts starting to ease their pandemic restrictions, though, Jennifer Dulos' family hopes closure can finally come sometime this year.

Domestic violence advocates, meanwhile, are hoping for changes in state law.

The family said they're "moved by the continued interest" in her case.

May 24 marks two years since Jennifer Farber Dulos disappeared.

They released a statement to mark Monday's date.

Although this past year has understandably slowed the process, the investigation into Jennifer's death and disappearance is ongoing. After the courts reopen, the two people charged with conspiracy to murder will stand trial.

Those two people are Kent Mawhinney and Troconis.

Both are out on bond.

Mawhinney was back in court just last week trying to remove his GPS monitoring ankle bracelet.

His next court date is in July.

Troconis, who was last in court virtually in February, also tried to get her ankle bracelet removed.

Her attorney argued against the state's plans to combine all of her charges, which includes tampering with evidence, into one case.

"Look, you have one case where it's more gruesome and the others aren't. It's more likely a jury is going to say, 'Look at all these charges. You put these cases together.' If there is evidence of one, it's more likely going to convict of something just because of combining. That's the danger," Troconis' attorney Jon Schoenhorn stated.

The Office of the Chief State's Attorney also commented saying, "At this time, the state’s cases against Michelle Troconis and Kent Mawhinney are in pretrial status. During the past year, numerous pretrial motions have been filed and heard before the court, both remotely and in person. As both cases work their way through the court process, the Stamford State’s Attorney’s Office remains focused on prosecuting those responsible for the murder of Jennifer Farber Dulos and seeking justice for her family, as well as working with law enforcement on any and all leads regarding the location of Jennifer’s body."

Outside the courtroom, Jennifer Dulos' case can be felt at the capitol, where the Senate recently passed Jennifers' Law, which is also in memory of Terryville mother Jennifer Magnano.

If it becomes law, it would add coercive control to the state's domestic violence laws.

Connecticut Protective Moms, an organization that helps families going through family court, called it vital.

"Coercive control takes the entirety and the patterns of behavior, and looks at it all, so maybe these deaths could be absolutely be preventable," Sue Shatney of Connecticut Protective Moms said.

Troconis' hearing is set for Tuesday at 10 a.m.

A vote hasn't been set in the House yet for Jennifers' Law.

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