WETHERSFIELD, CT (WFSB) -- For anyone looking to save on travel, now is the time.

Melissa Albright, who runs Wethersfield Travel, said many tourist destinations are in, or are heading into, their “Shoulder Seasons.”

"So ‘Shoulder Season’ is defined as the destination's period between peak season and low season,” Albright said.

While prices in Shoulder Season aren’t rock bottom, Albright said they are low enough to get the attention of travelers.

Oftentimes in low season, travelers won't be able to do a lot of the sightseeing that makes a place popular.

However, in Shoulder Season, “you get good value and you can still experience the destination as it should be,” Albright said.

For those looking for an ocean escape, the Caribbean is entering its fall Shoulder Season now that hurricane season is coming to an end.

“Shoulder Season in the Caribbean typically will be November to beginning of December, before the holiday pricing,” Albright said.

For example, Albright compared pricing for a family of four to stay at Nickelodeon’s all-inclusive resort in the Dominican Republican, without flights.

"January 18 to the 25 is $6,826. November 2 to the 9, $4,010,” Albright said.

It’s Shoulder Season in Alaska right now too, and the destination can be enjoyed with minimal crowds.

“The days are getting a little bit shorter so that you might have a better chance of seeing the Northern Lights. There's less cruise ships that are visiting the ports. The colors are starting to change, so it's really beautiful. The animals are still out,” Albright said.

Regarding discounts on an Alaska cruise in October, Albright said “for a family of four in a balcony, you could save about $1,000 if you go in Shoulder Season period versus the peak."

Come November, the ships stop running, so if you want to go to Alaska and save some money, consider booking now for next October or in the spring shoulder season, which is in May.

It’s Shoulder Season in the national parks too, which can be hard to book in the summer months.

The same goes for Europe, where folks can enjoy places like Paris, London and Madrid at a discount.

"October is a great time to, to do Europe. Italy is still warm. Less crowds. Go in November, that's when they do the olive harvesting, press the olive oil,” Albright said.

For those looking to travel to Hawaii, book your trip now for March.

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