(WFSB) – The pandemic has created a tough economy for both employers and employees.

Money experts say that doesn’t mean you should give up negotiating.

They are explaining how to work out a deal during the pandemic.

“A lot of people think they don’t have a leg to stand on negotiating in a pandemic,” said Catey Hill.

Millie Magazine Editor Catey Hill says that’s not always the case.

“The first thing you should do is look and just see how they are doing. If they are suffering a lot, yeah, you’re probably not going to get a raise, but not everyone is. In fact, some companies are actually doing well right now,” Hill said.

Employees should do their research and look online to see what they should be getting paid.

“Knowing what you should get paid, Glassdoor, Payscale, Salary.com, you can put in the job you want where you are located, and they’ll put a salary range,” Hill said.

When it comes to the negotiation, Hill says never accept so you can find middle ground.

“Let’s say you want $70,000, I think $75,000 is fair. You don’t want to ask for so much that you put yourself out of the running,” Hill said.

When you’re at the table, don’t forget to tell them why you deserve that raise.

“It’s not just saying in the past I was wonderful, and I did all these things. You absolutely should say that, but you should be moving this conversation forward with how you can improve the company, how you can make it more efficient, and how you can make them money,” Hill said.

If money isn’t in the cards, you can always ask for more time off or a new title.

“Often, it doesn’t hurt to ask. It just shows your employer you are committed to this company, you want to stay, and you’re the kind of employee that’s going to ask for what you want,” Hill said.

Hill says to remember that you are your own best advocate and that the worst they can say is no.

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