NEW HAVEN, CT (WFSB) - Activists planned more protests in the wake of an officer-involved shooting that left a 22-year-old woman with a bullet wound.

They told Channel 3 their plan is to march to the Hamden Police Department at 5:30 p.m. They'll be starting at the Hamden Plaza on Dixwell Avenue.

The Hamden and Yale University officer involved in the incident, which happened in New Haven, remain on administrative leave.

In the meantime, protestors are demanding justice for injured 22-year-old Stephanie Washington.

They said they want answers from police and will continue to march until they get them.

They were on the move on Thursday night. They went from Elm Street to College Street to the intersection with Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard in New Haven.

Washington was shot in the Newhallville section of the city, according to state police.

A Channel 3 viewer sent in surveillance video of the incident, which happened on Dixwell Avenue on Tuesday.

It captured the moment the two officers, Hamden officer Devin Eaton and Yale officer Terrance Pollack, fired on a car they believed was involved in an armed robbery.

Washington was hit, but the driver, identified as Paul Witherspoon, was not hurt.

Pollack was also hurt at some point over the course of the incident, according to state police. However, the details have not yet been made available.

Both the Hamden and Yale police departments said they plan to release more information once the investigation by the state's attorney's office is complete.

According to Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection Commissioner James Rovella, the body camera footage will be released next week. 

Rovella released a statement saying:

“On 4-16-19, at the request of the New Haven State’s Attorney, the Connecticut State Police Major Crime Squad was designated the lead investigating Agency for the Officer Involved Shooting. This is common practice to avoid conflict of interest.

The investigation includes but is not limited to the accumulation of all public and private video camera data available. As of 4-18-19, Hamden Police Body Camera footage became available to analyze and evaluate.

We support everyone’s rights to free speech. We thank the New Haven Police Department’s efforts to keep everyone safe. We ask for a little patience but we expect to release to the public details of the investigation including Body Camera video next week. The integrity of the investigation, fair treatment for the individuals in the vehicle, Officers involved and Transparency is paramount in these types of investigations.”

On Friday morning, a reverend from New Haven met with the Hamden mayor and police leadership. 

A major talking point centered on what's on the books for Hamden officers when entering other towns. 

A pastor told Channel 3 that what happened on Tuesday morning can't happen again. 

According to the pastor, he spoke to New Haven's police chief. 

Together they agree neighboring police departments will need to radio call any activity spilling into New Haven. 

"All of their officers will go through urban trauma training. We have the person we recommend with urban training, then they will go through escalation training," said Reverend Boise Kimber. 

This training could take place as early as this summer. 

In addition to the topic of training, the private meeting covered more diversity on the police board as well.

But family members of Witherspoon are asking why they weren't included.

"I just felt like to me it was a little wrong," said Rodney Williams, a relative.

When asked if either shooting victims or their families were included in the recommendations, Kimber said "We have not talked directly to the family but we’ll talk to relatives of the family."

Williams said he is urging for advocates to rally around a bigger issue than this isolated event, saying "It’s about the community, it’s about the issues going on in this community for a long time."

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Does anyone proof read the articles at Channel 3? Are you hiring grade school children as your writers in order to cut costs?

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