Bristol cats

Eighteen cats were found to have been left in a foreclosed home in Bristol.

BRISTOL, CT (WFSB) - Eighteen cats were found to have been left in a foreclosed home in Bristol.

The Friends of the Bristol CT Animal Shelter posted to social media that it had a sudden "cat emergency."

Bristol cats

Eighteen cats were found to have been left in a foreclosed home in Bristol

While they were able to get eight to other homes, 10 remain in need of being adopted.

The shelter asked that anyone interested in adopting a rescue cat give their name, address, phone number and home and veterinarian information to However, the posted later Thursday that they received plenty of responses from potential rescuers and were sorting through a lot of messages.

"These cats are not feral but they are scared," the group said. 

The shelter said the bank is demanding that the house be cleared out.

The group said it works with Bristol's Animal Control department.

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(3) comments

Chloe and Jesse's mom

There are people who offered to Foster these cats. Why did the rescue turn down their offer?

And what bank is being so unreasonable about the cats being there? When I find out I'm telling every cat lover that I know not to do business with them.


The woman who actually found these cats is not connected to any shelter but she went out of her way to seek out shelters to help with finding the cats homes. She fed them all daily and would check in on them until they found homes. She called the woman connected to the above shelter in Terryville who claimed she could only take in 2 cats, and the rest were unaccounted for. And now she has the news involved..... I would hope for the sake of these cats and finding homes and not for her own shelter's publicity.

Bob Lockery

EUTHANIZE? You are horrible people who have no business involving yourselves in animal rescue or care.

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