Missing Sterling teen's mother has 'not lost faith'

The search for TJ Allen has been suspended. (Family/WFSB photos)

A family has been missing their son for more than a week and now his mother is taking on all of the doubters.

Several Facebook groups have popped up, initially serving as a forum for discussion, well-wishes and updates on the search for Todd “TJ” Allen.

But recently, it made a bizarre turn into conspiracy theories and gossip.

On the day after Christmas, Allen told his mother he was going out dirt-biking, but he hasn’t been seen since.

Even though helicopters, canine units and volunteers have been out looking for him, there has been no trace of the 18-year-old.

As these searches were happening, people would provide updates on Facebook pages that were created just for that, sharing information on where searches were happening, and sending messages of hope and love.

As time went on, the Facebook groups started being bogged down by rumors, and the initial group was shut down, only to be replaced by two more pages where conspiracy theories continued to be spouted.

“I think it's gotten out of control,” said Christina Moses, Allen’s mother.

Channel 3’s exclusive look at Allen’s room on Monday was picked apart, with some suggesting items were strategically placed.

Moses shields herself from much of it, saying she refuses to go online, but can't escape the internet's speculation.

“People say you don't even want to see the things that people are putting out there that are just horrible,” Moses said.

She did want to put one of the most common rumors to rest, which is that she wouldn’t let police search her property.

“Yes, we did allow police to search, they've searched every building, every room in our house, they've come with dogs and searched the property,” Moses said.

She admits that her son has a history with marijuana, but said it ended there. She said she doesn’t know if he dealt marijuana or not.

Eyewitness News tried to contact the groups creators.

Administrators at the page “TJ Allen Discussion/Community Real or Hoax” are from the United Kingdom, and openly admit to having no connection to the Allen family or Sterling, CT.

They said they heard about the story and were concerned and wanted to help.

The creator of another page hasn't responded.

With all the mystery that still surrounds her son's disappearance, Moses wants people to not forget that her family is still hurting.

“He's just loved. He's not perfect, but he's got a lot of love,” she said.

State police said there are no updates on the search for Allen, and urge anyone with information to contact them.

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