WETHERSFIELD, CT (WFSB) – Graduation ceremonies are being held across the state, but in Wethersfield, a mother is accepting a diploma for her son Friday evening.

Vincent Basile should have been with his classmates, but he was shot and killed during his junior year.

Graduation is a proud day for families, but for one Wethersfield mom, it’s a painful day.

As students go up one-by-one to get their diplomas, Vincent’s name will be read, but he’ll be missed.

“He was a special kid. He had a very old soul, he just wanted to be friends,” said Lorena Frusciante.

Vincent was everything to his mother, he was her only child.

He was at a friend’s house when his mom, Lorena Frusciante, found out something was wrong.

“Finally, one of the officers said, ‘it’s most likely your son’ and I just dropped,” Frusciante said.

Noah Hendron was arrested for shooting Vincent. He has pleaded not guilty, and he is waiting trial.

The shooting happened a little more than a year and a half ago.

Frusciante left Connecticut shortly after Vincent’s death because it was too painful for her to stay.

Wethersfield’s superintendent reached out to her and asked if she would like to be at the graduation and receive his diploma.

“I think it’s great. Every school should do this for every kid that’s passed, no matter what grade it is,” Frusciante said.

Then something unexpected happened. David Rossberg, one of Vincent’s closest friends, paid for a plane ticket from Florida so Frusciante could be at the graduation.

“It’s hard for her to work and it’s for both of them, her and Vinnie’s dad. They both have financially hard problems. I had some money saved up, I helped her out,” Rossberg said.

Vincent’s death was hard on Rossberg, which caused him to drop out of school. He is now working on getting his GED.

“It’s hard, but I feel it’s something I have to do for him. Just show him I am still here, I am still his mother, even though he’s not here,” Frusciante said.

Many of Vincent’s friends will be graduating on Friday, which will be an emotional day for them as well.

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