NEW HAVEN, CT (WFSB) – A New Haven educator is out of a job after being caught on camera kicking a student.

It happened at Nathan Hale School last spring, but the student’s mother told Channel 3 she saw the video for the first time just this week.

The paraprofessional was place on leave after the incident and later resigned.

But for Luvena Jones, that’s not good enough. She says her 5-year-old daughter has special needs and that aide should have been fired.

The video of the incident is blurry, but it shows the paraprofessional walk up to the student who sitting on the floor and kick her, using her foot to spin and move the young girl.

To see the full video, click here

Jones, who’s daughter has Down Syndrome, told Channel 3 that another parent saw the incident happen in late March and told the principal.

“I send my kids to school thinking that they’re going to be safe. We can’t hear what’s going on, but it appears she’s frustrated by something, she comes over, assaults my daughter with her foot, and she pushes her so hard she’s still moving after the lady stops kicking her,” Jones said.

Sources told Channel 3 the para was placed on leave and eventually resigned.

Jones said she asked for a copy of the video, but when she didn’t get it from the school district, she decided to get an attorney involved.

“These children, 5-years-old, any 5-year-old is really unable to advocate for themselves, speak up for themselves. Now, when you’re dealing with a more vulnerable population, you really wonder how often this is going on,” said Randi Calabrese, Jones’ attorney.

Now Jones is looking at a lawsuit and says it never should have gotten to this point.

“For them to get fired and not get placed in another school, another school district, another classroom,” Jones said.

The only statement released from the school district said, “The paraprofessional involved in the incident at Nathan Hale School is no longer an employee of the New Haven Public Schools.”

Jones and her attorney said they plan on going forward with a civil lawsuit.

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