Hartford administrator arrested after allegations of inappropriate text messages

Eduardo Genao. (Hartford Public Schools photo)

Earlier this week, a Hartford public school administrator resigned amidst allegations he was sending inappropriate texts to a 13-year-old girl from New York.

Mayor Luke Bronin spent an hour on Friday meeting with a representative of the girl’s family to discuss allegations that the board of education dropped the ball in this case. Eyewitness News sat down with the girl’s mother to talk about how all of this has affected her daughter.

“My daughter is a very good student. She’s very focused in school,” the alleged victim’s mother, who wished not to be identified, said. “I don’t have to worry about certain things when it comes to her and I refuse to allow something like this to knock her off her course.”

The alleged victim’s mother brought her daughter to an event on race relations at Bulkeley High School in Hartford three weeks ago. It was there the 13-year-old girl met Hartford schools administrator Eduardo Genao. He asked if she would text him photos taken at the event, but she said once he got her number the texts began.

“Sunday it went to a whole another level that just became very graphic, very disgusting,” the alleged victim’s mother said. “I had to think about what to do.”

The alleged victim’s mother said she went to Dr. Aaron Lewis, a children’s advocacy leader in Hartford, who had invited her to the event. Lewis said he sent texts and emails to members of the board of education and for two weeks nothing was done.Once he involved police, school officials forced Genao to resign. Bronin met with Lewis on Friday.

“The mayor was very disappointed, to his credit he did not condone any of the action,” the alleged victim’s mother said. “The mayor’s a lawyer, he wants due process”

Genao has worked in the Hartford school system for 11 years and for another 20 in the New York City school system. The victim’s mother is convinced this was not his first attempt at inappropriate behavior with a minor

“Call me, so I can describe certain things to you,” the alleged victim’s mother said. “Have you ever done certain things, have you ever felt certain things, call me.”

Eyewitness News asked the alleged victim’s mother if she has any proof Genao has done this before or if it was assumption because he has been around kids for so many decades.

“I think my daughter was just the straw that broke the camel’s back,” the alleged victim’s mother said. “She was the hit of the hammer that shattered the glass and I am glad for that if us doing this and it saves other children, then it was worth it.”

Genao has not been arrested by the Hartford Police Department. The family told Eyewitness News police are reviewing evidence. In the meantime, Lewis told Eyewitness News he was very clear with the mayor that he will not stop until the school board members whom he said mishandled this, lost their jobs.

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