Crews said at least 23 businesses, several office buildings, and an apartment complex on Town Line Road to the Silas Deane Highway, also along the Silas Deane Highway to the 91 Northbound ramp are affected by a large 12” water main break.

A spokesperson for the Metropolitan District said in order to repair the break on the Silas Deane Highway, a second water main was shut down for repairs at about 5:20 p.m.

Rocky Hill Police said the southern section of the town is affected by no water at present, or very little water pressure, but will build back to normal pressure by Sunday morning.

Residents, businesses, and employees of nearby Wood-N-Tap told Eyewitness News that the break was more than an inconvenience.

"Saturday night is definitely my longest shift, my best money shift, a lot of people come in, we have a big crowd, a lot of regulars," said Lindsey Dugas, a waitress at the Wood-N-Tap which was forced to close for the evening.

Other businesses had to go dark for the evening due to the lack of water, including the Town Line Diner and a nearby laundromat.

Residents of the Ashwood Court Condominiums said they're hoping the water returns soon.

"Around 5pm I turned on the water, I needed to wash something, there was no water," said Aijaz Mohammmed. "I texted my neighbor and he was like yup, we've been out of water."

Mohammmed told Eyewitness News that he had plans to go out with friends, but couldn't shower, so he scrapped the plans.

"Its like life without limbs, you cant go to the washroom, cant wash anything, nothing, not even drinking water."

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