Sea Turtle

Kemp's ridley turtle.

MYSTIC, CT (WFSB) - Six sea turtles are recovering after landing on the shores of Massachusetts beaches recently.

Officials with Mystic Aquarium say that all six are Kemp's ridley turtles and are considered critically endangered.

In fact, they are the world's most endangered sea turtle.

The turtles were found cold-stunned and taken to the National Marine Life Center in Bourne, Massachusetts before being transported to Mystic Aquarium for further treatment.

Radiographs and blood samples will determine if these turtles face any additional health issues.

“While the situation is unfortunate, I am grateful to have a team ready to rescue these critically endangered animals and nurse them back to full health. The rehabilitation of these six turtles contributes to the conservation and survival of the Kemp’s ridley turtle, and I look forward to the day when they regain their strength and return to the open ocean," Animal Rescue Program Manager Sarah Callan said.

The Kemp's ridley turtles are cold blooded reptiles and rely on the temperature of their surrounding environment to maintain their body temperature.

These turtles can experience hypothermia if temperatures drop and they're unable to reach warmer waters.

This is the second Winter in a row that Mystic Aquarium has treated a group of sick sea turtles.

Mystic Aquarium officials noted that the Kemp's ridley turtle is the smallest marine turtle in the world.

Additional information on the aquarium's animal rescue program can be found here.

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