GROTON, CT (WFSB) - The shutdown is affecting hundreds of thousands of government workers.

In the military, those in the Coast Guard and Homeland Security are not getting paid and one credit union is throwing out a lifeline.

For many families, especially young ones, this has to be a very stressful, anxious time because while back pay is coming, there’s no immediate pay and there’s no end in sight for the shutdown.

It’s a tense time to be a government worker.

For 30 years, Roger Hagerty served in the Navy and while he is not affected by the partial government shutdown, he’s been in the shoes of those who are.

“Without that funding in place, it’s a very uneasy place to be in,” said Hagerty.

Stress levels are high, and it was busy at the Groton branch of the Navy Federal Credit Union.

During the shutdown, it’s offering a special deal to affected members.

“Navy Federal is offering a zero percent APR advance on direct deposit,” said Tynika Wilson, Navy Federal Credit Union.

Tynika Wilson joined talked to Channel 3 from Virginia to explain the deal.

Members with direct deposit who are affected by the shutdown can enroll in this special program and get the amount they'd normally get in their paychecks "fronted" to them with no interest, up to $6,000. 

She says in order to enroll, members need to be impacted by the government shutdown and have direct deposit with the credit union.

“On the day of their pay, pay would be dispersed and advance their direct deposit,” said Wilson.

The credit union is helping bridge the gap for members impacted by the shutdown and while many who are currently serving declined to talk on camera about the benefits of this offer, this veteran says it’s going to be a relief for many families.

“People can get a little bit of sleep instead of worrying about where they’re going to buy their food or groceries and diapers,” Hagerty said.

You have to be a member, and membership is extended to all active duty military and Department of Defense workers, veterans and their family members, so you need to have actual military connections in order to join.

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