NEW BRITAIN, CT (WFSB) - People in cities and towns across the state have been complaining about neighborhood fireworks that have been disturbing people well in to the early morning hours.

Residents say fireworks have been disturbing them well into the night.

While some people have adjusted to the noise, others are ready for officials to step in.

“It almost sounds like we’re in a war zone. It’s ridiculous at this point,” said Rosa Serrano.

A family that lives near Park Street in Hartford shared a video that shows fireworks going off near their home.

“It drives my puppy crazy. He cries and cries and cries all night. It’s really hard to get sleep these days,” Serrano said.

In just one garbage can, pile of discarded fireworks was found.

People on the west end of Hartford say the noise is disrupting sleep, disturbing dogs, and irritating children for days on end.

One resident says she has to wear ear plugs because the displays continue late into the night.

“Three nights ago, it lasted until 1:30 in the morning. Sometimes they start again 3 or 4 in the morning, and they’re loud,” said Catherine Blinder.

It’s not just in Hartford. Channel 3 asked people on Facebook if they’ve been hearing fireworks in their town. People in Bristol, New London, Plainville, and many other cities have been experiencing the same thing.

New Britain Mayor Erin Stewart took a stand against them on social media.

"Every night? Why?" Stewart wrote in a Facebook post. "Let’s have some respect for our neighbors please. This has become a big problem. If you send us the address they are coming from, we will send PD to address it."

She also posted the phone number 860-826-3000 for people to file their complaints.

"This summer I really do think because people are confined, we've seen a huge increase," Blinder said. 

Channel 3 reached out to Hartford and West Hartford police departments to see if they have any plans to curtail the fireworks, but they have not responded. 

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(2) comments


Some people need to grow up they canceled all of the 4th of july fireworks celebrations so what do you expect from people yes 1 am an later is wrong but I think people should have a right to do them when it gets dark like 9 an 10 no later then 11 it's time to suck it up STOP SNITCHING and find something better to do with your lifes


Either fireworks or gunshots! You can never tell in Waterbury.

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