BLOOMFIELD, CT (WFSB) -- While police in Bloomfield said they rescued dozens of animals that were living in horrific conditions on property owned by a breeder, neighbors are describing what they witnessed before the arrest.

The Bloomfield Police Department seized 40 animals, including 15 dogs from Star Mountain Kennel.

The decision has been hotly debated, but the people who live closest to the Bloomfield kennel say something needed to change for the sake of the animals.

Those who live close by say the kennel owned by Margaret Boisture was a house of horrors for the animals that lived there.

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Neighbors said dogs were routinely left outside overnight in freezing conditions, and barked incessantly.

They were saddened but not shocked when police arrested Boisture and charged her with multiple crimes, including animal cruelty, and operating a kennel with a revoked or suspended license.

“It’s upsetting to me because those dogs don’t have the ability to speak and they don’t have the ability to defend themselves,” said neighbor Jay Eberle.

Police searched the property, and in one area they found all of the soiled bedding was soaked in what appeared and smelled to be fresh urine, and most of the bedding was caked in fresh feces. Police went on to say that "14 of the 15 caged dogs have expired or absent preventative vaccines.”

“You can’t have dogs stacked up and urinating on each other and barking all night. That’s a problem,” said Shannon Cercone.

However, Boisture is an established breeder and is fighting back. She's now filed a lawsuit against Bloomfield arguing "despite these allegations, the plaintiff and other individuals have always provided for the dogs' care and well-being by maintaining them inside the clean and heated kennels, ensuring they have adequate food and water.”

Boisture and her attorney declined to speak on camera, but one week ago, when her dogs were taken away and before she was arrested, she sent Channel 3 a video saying, "the notion that I would neglect the health and safety of any of these is patently absurd."

Support groups have also been posting in Boisture’s defense on Facebook.

However, neighbors said Boisture only opened the Bloomfield facility two months ago, and unless you lived on Tunxis Avenue, you can’t really understand.

“You have to actually be here. It’s horrifying, it has been pretty horrifying for all of us,” Cercone said.

On Thursday, many of Boisture’s critics and supporters plan to attend a public meeting at town hall at 6 p.m.

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(5) comments


Waiting on the defenders of this woman to respond to the "Neighbors said dogs were routinely left outside overnight in freezing conditions, and barked incessantly" part and the "operating without a license" part.


The people who are supporting her? The blind leading the blind!!


The meeting is not at Town Hall, it's at 330 Park Avenue.


The worst kind of human is one that can do this to innocent animals. People like this need to be locked up for long periods of time. It's high time the punishment fits the crime.



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