Neighbors want town to do more about blighted properties

Neighbors in Prospect want the town to do more about blight (WFSB)

Neighbors are taking on blighted properties in Prospect.

Some people are complaining to the town and asking for more to be done.

There are some neighbors who live on Williams Drive in Prospect who are upset over junk sitting outside some homes.

The town has gotten complaints about two properties on Williams Drive where the homes sit side by side.

“There's a lot of vehicles in the driveway. Wood, piled up everywhere. Just not kept up very well. I'm going to say the last 8 years. A neighbor says a home couldn't sell because of it. There's people in the neighborhood who tried to sell their houses, and that's a concern in that area,” said Laura Vail.

Prospect started an anti-blight commission two years ago.

They meet once a month, and Channel 3 looked at some monthly meeting minutes that show residents complaining about multiple properties in town.

Earlier this month a warning notice was given to one homeowner after 11 complaints were filed by residents in October.

When asked about the property he said he’s been cleaning it up.

He said the town has been to his home and they've dealt with it.

They haven't gotten a warning from the commission but the mayor says the commission can issue those notices and fines.

“(It) falls under the line with hoarding because the health district and local fire marshal are involved in that because it has become so serious and we are doing what we can to help solve the problem. It's nothing that is going to happen overnight,” said Mayor Robert Chatfield.

The anti-blight commission meeting will be held after the new year.

Many neighbors say they plan to show up.

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