New Park Brewing is expanding and putting out some delicious beer

Owner John Doyle pours a drink of Amarelle, a barrel-aged sour with cherries (Courtney Zieller). 

WEST HARTFORD (WFSB) – Something’s Brewing at New Park Brewing where the business completed a recent expansion.

Courtney joined owner John Doyle for a tour of the new expansion and a discussion of the brewery’s offerings.

“So, the space we’re sitting in now we call our barrel room,” Doyle said. “It’s named in honor of our barrel aging wall, which is just behind us here. This is actually a private event space. We initially just had the taproom, but we were getting a lot of requests for private events.”

Doyle said the brewery began the process during the pandemic and there were some stressful times during the building.

“There were definitely some moments where we were thinking, “what have we done?” you know, people aren’t doing private events during Covid,” Doyle said. “But it’s turned out to be wonderful. I think there was a lot of pent-up demand coming out of this whole, pandemic.”

Doyle said the brewery is hosting events each week and having the space to do it is something the brewery is enjoying. Doyle also said the brewery has upgraded to a larger 15-barrel brewing system. This has allowed New Park to brew more and even have a limited distribution to some package stores.

The first beer Doyle spoke with Courtney about was the Vienna lager.

“It’s a very crushable, bright, crisp beer,” Doyle said. “It uses Vienna malt, which gives it kind of a bready, malty flavor. It’s definitely one of my favorites of our lager program. It just came out for the first time and we’re excited for people to come in and try it.”

Next up was a beer in the brewery’s blender series – which highlights kettle sours.

“The one we are going to try today is the black raspberry blender,” Doyle said. “The balance between tart and the sweet of the beer makes for the perfect beer to have on the beach.”

Next up was a double IPA – Double Cloud. It is the “big brother” to the brewery’s flagship Cloudscape IPA.

“It’s a big seller – a very popular hazy, New England IPA,” Doyle said.

Doyle said part of the expansion is also the addition of a kitchen, and the brewery is also adding a wood-fired piazza kitchen this summer.


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