NORTH HAVEN (WFSB) – Something’s Brewing heads to Twelve Percent Beer Project to talk new beers and now companies looking to brew in their location.

Courtney Zieller was joined by Alex Blank for a look at the facility.

“We’re a collective of about a dozen different breweries,” Blank said. “We make beer for them in North Haven. These breweries, some are form Connecticut, some are from New York city. We have one from Sweden, one from Tulsa, Oklahoma. But it’s just those dozen breweries and us and we’re making beer for them.

12 Percent is brewing up some new beers

Twelve Percent is brewing up some new beers and has a new open space in North Haven (Courtney Zieller). 

People can visit the North Haven facility and try the beer there as well as find it once it’s packaged around the country.

“The beer’s going out to New York City and then to Connecticut, but we have a tasting room, which is basically ground zero. You can come, try the freshest beer that’s just come out tanks,” Blank said.

The first beers that Zieller and Blank spoke about was a beer by Skygazer out of Southington. They are part of their synergy series. One is a cotton candy sour and the other is a sour belts sour.

“You can drink either individually or you can mix them, try them together. It’s a lot of fun,” Blank said.

A brewery from New York – Timber Ales was next with a barley wine.

“This was aged for 18 months in a cognac barrel. Jason stein approached us a year

and a half ago. He said, “I have some beer I want to make with you guys. I want to put it in barrels.” and a year and a half later we’ve just released it. It’s incredible.”

Blank said the beer tastes like a cognac – it’s a little boozy, but it well-balanced and delicious.

The next beer was a rotating beer from Abomination.

“They were making very small batch stuff, Blank said. “Basically homebrewing it. And when we built this place a year and a half ago, they moved up to Connecticut and started making beer with us.”

Blank said one of their most popular beers is Wandering into the Fog. It’s a double IPA. Abomination rotates through the hops, so, they’ve done a lot of hops at this point.

“It’s a really popular series for us, and we just today released three new ones, a Centennial, Idaho 7, and triple dry hopped Rakau. Those are three different types of hops.”

Last but not least was a beer from Fat Orange Cat in East Hampton. The brewery contract-brews the hard seltzer – Aqua Cat – at 12 Percent.

“It’s a lemon and dragon fruit seltzer and it’s a big hit,” Blank said. “If It’s hot out, it’s beautiful – about 4.8 ABV.”

Blank said the brewery also expanded its outdoor area. Blank said some of the mandates during the pandemic allowed them to expand.


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