NEW BRITAIN, CT (WFSB) – New Britain Mayor Erin Stewart responded to her father's and the former President of the Chamber of Commerce, Timothy Stewart's resignation on Saturday evening. 

Stewart tweeted, "I am very proud of my dad for doing the right thing."

Timothy Stewart resigned as President of the Greater New Britain Chamber of Commerce, announced chamber Chairman Gennaro Bizzarro on Saturday.

Stewart, the former New Britain mayor, was called to resign by city leaders after making derogatory comments about women.

He used the “B” word to describe a group of Democratic congresswomen and senators who wore white at the president’s State of the Union address Tuesday night.

The comment drew sharp criticism from New Britain City Council President Eva Magnuszewski, who spoke with Channel 3 on Saturday afternoon following Stewart's resignation. 

“I think the continuous press coverage that people kept emailing and calling the Chamber asking for his resignation," said Aldrewoman-at-Large Magnuszewski. "I think people just said 'enough is enough.' It is the era of the "Me Too" movement.”

Stewart apologized on Facebook Wednesday for his comments. He was also placed on administrative leave on Wednesday. 

“I thank everyone for their continued patience, resolve, and support during this difficult time, and I am confident that together, we will get past this and continue to move the Chamber forward for years to come,” said Bizzarro.

Stay with Channel 3 for updates. 

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What is this country becoming? When a certain group can demand someone resign just because they disagree with a statement? It wasn't a threatening or incorrect statement. It's just because he said it about some democrats, the hypocritical political party. Why aren't these women saying anything about the 3 VA politicians? Not a word because they believe it's OK for a Democrat to display racially themed photos or even rape a woman. And why isn't the media running stories about this injustice? It's because it doesn't meet their propaganda agenda. Just remember how that turned out in the 1930's.

Eyes On The Issues

He shouldn't of resigned. He has all the right in the world to speak his mind. It is his opinion and isn't exactly wrong. The actions by the sour pusses, could cause someone to describe their actions as the B word.

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