NEW HAVEN, CT (WFSB) - A cigarette crackdown could be coming to New Haven.

One alderwoman is proposing raising the age limit on cigarettes to 21 years old.

If this passes in New Haven, one of the biggest groups affected will be the students at Yale.

It’ll effectively ban cigarettes for the majority of the undergrads.

After more than two decades of smoking cigarettes, Larry Cannon has been clean for six months.

“You breathe different, you walk different, you live different,” said Cannon.

He wishes he never got hooked at such a young age and feels the legal age of 18 made it easier to continue the habit.

So, that’s why in New Haven, Alderwoman Delphine Clyburn is looking to change that by raising the legal smoking age to 21, just like it is for alcohol.

“If it does go up to 21, it would stop the young ones and the youth from smoking,” Cannon said.

If the change is made, New Haven would join Hartford, New York City and all of Massachusetts where the legal age for buying cigarettes is also 21.

“It would definitely stop a lot, I wouldn’t say it would completely stop, but it would definitely curb it a lot more,” said Cannon.

Over at Winchester Market, owner Vinny Yik understands the health initiative behind it, but admits it’ll hurt business, frequented by the college crowd.

Cigarettes are still popular with the 18 and 19-year-olds.

“Definitely, no question about it, especially the tobacco products, they buy them all day,” said Yik.

If the measure passes, Yik foresees the 18 to 20-year-olds just traveling a town over to get their cigarettes legally.

“It would decrease the avenue for the store, profit-margin wise, if it was only in New Haven. Do it nationwide,” said Yik.

The proposal will be heard on Tuesday in New Haven.

There are six states and more than 400 cities and towns that have raised the age to 21.

You can find that full list of states and cities here.

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