NEW HAVEN, CT (WFSB) -- Clergy members in New Haven continue their call for a principal to be fired after the school district said she used a racial slur.

An internal investigation by the school district revealed that Brennan-Rogers Magnet School principal Laura Roblee used the ‘n-word’ back in March while discussing anti-bias and anti-racism training with two teachers.

Earlier this month, New Haven’s superintendent recommended Roblee be demoted and reassigned, which ultimately happened by a 4-3 vote from the school board.

Members of the Greater New Haven Clergy Association feel they didn’t go far enough.

“The more people keep speaking up and speaking out, Dr. [Iline] Tracey will have no choice but to make the right decision which is to terminate Ms. Roblee and also I believe Dr. Tracey owes this community an apology for the harm that’s still being caused,” said Pastor Steven Cousin, of the Bethel AME Church.

For the second time this week, members of the Greater New Haven Clergy Association called on New Haven Mayor Justin flicker, who sits on the Board of Education, and the superintendent to fire Roblee.

“And here we are in New Haven, CT, fighting the aspect that it is okay for an educator to use the N word,” said Rev. Dr. Boise Kimber, of First Calvary Baptist Church.

Elicker said it’s not, but feels the superintendent handled it, given the options she had.

“What the individual said was completely offensive, and doesn’t reflect the values of our city or our public schools. I think Dr. Tracey was in these conversations with the public-school attorneys and the union with these negotiations and I have confidence in her ability to assess what the right decision is,” Elicker said.

A letter from an attorney working with the school board said they had grounds to fire Roblee, but advised the superintendent to recommend a demotion and a pay cut.

Earlier this week, Tracey read an apology from Roblee, with the superintendent noting emotions are high, and need to be dealt with.

“With all that is going on, and with folks indicating they were hurt, I have to acknowledge their feelings as superintendent. I’m not putting that under the rug,” Tracey said.

On Wednesday, Elicker said Tracey has his support.

“I along with other board members, unanimously hired Superintendent Tracey to get the job done and she is leading, and she is making complicated decisions that involve legal issues, union issues,” Elicker said.

As part of her demotion, Roblee will work in central office, though there is no word yet on what her official role will be.

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