NEW HAVEN, CT (WFSB) – As the weather warms up this spring, plenty of people will be looking to get outside.

The City of New Haven is taking steps to make sure people can do so safely, which includes making changes at a popular park.

East Rock’s popular trails can be pretty narrow, making it difficult to spread out. That’s where closing the roads leading up to the park and opening it up for pedestrians and cyclists is making it safer.

“I try to come by daily, just to get out and get some sunlight, break up the monotony of staying inside all day,” said Ashley Holbrooks.

Out walking her dog Stella around New Haven’s East Rock Park, Ashley Holbrooks like the fact that there’s not a lot more room.

“I think it’s a great idea, doing the social distancing and it makes me feel even more comfortable walking my dog. I think it’s great,” Holbrooks said.

Many of the major roads leading up to or cutting through the park are now closed to cars.

The idea is that by limited traffic strictly to those out on foot or bike, it’s now easier for those enjoying the outdoors to safely social distance from one another.

“Sidewalks you’ve got to walk in the street to avoid people. Sometimes it gets a little dicey with traffic. It’s a pretty good idea,” said Nick Sapienza.

The same can be said for the park’s popular walking and hiking trails that are rather narrow. Closing the roads and opening it up to park goers gives them another safe option, ensuring they’re six feet apart.

“As the nice weather goes, people have been locked up a long time and they want to get out and enjoy it,” Sapienza said.

This is just a test run. The city says if it works out, they’ll consider closing down roads to other popular spots.

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