NEW HAVEN, CT (WFSB) - A New Haven club won't be offering their patrons alcohol anytime soon.

Terminal 110, located on Sargent Drive, had its liquor license revoked Friday after a large fight and shooting broke out.

The Department of Consumer Protection said it all unfolded just after midnight Thursday.

An officer was working an, what was described as, extra duty assignment at the club when the bouncer came over and told him about a large that had broken out inside the club.

Everyone involved in the fight was kicked out of the building, but the bouncer was worried that the fight would continue on outside.

As the officer was walking towards the club entrance, he heard three gunshots go off in the parking lot area.

Police say that a man was in the area of the parking lot fight at the time and realized, after the gunshots were fired, that he had been shot.

He tried seeking medical attention immediately and eventually found himself inside a Honda Accord with several other men he didn't recognize.

Another officer that was on her way to the scene saw the Accord driving onto Long Wharf Drive at a high rate of speed and went after it.

The Accord didn't stop despite the officer's efforts to pull it over and eventually stopped on Greenwich Avenue a short time later.

That's when two men, one being the shooting victim, hopped out and fled the area on foot.

Police were able to apprehend the shooting victim, who was found to have been shot in the groin, but weren't able to locate the other man.

The gunshot victim was subsequently taken to Yale New Haven Hospital, where he remains in stable condition.

Chief Dominguez noted that the driver remained in the Accord and was arrested on several motor vehicle-related charges.

A .380 fired cartridge casing and a cell phone were collected at the scene of the shooting.

Police also found that a nearby Acura had been struck by one of the bullets.

This isn't the first time the bar has been associated with violence.

Back on September 5, police found twenty-seven bullet casings, one live bullet, and two bullet fragments in the club parking lot.

The decision to suspend the club's liquor license was made after the Department of Consumer Protection received a referral from New Haven Police.

Department of Consumer Protection Commissioner Michelle Seagull issued a statement regarding the suspension, saying:

“I am appreciative that the New Haven Police Department brought this matter to my attention and believe that this immediate suspension is justified and necessary to address this very serious situation. The occurrence of two shootings at this venue in a matter of weeks is a huge threat to public safety and highlights the need for better control of the premise by our permittees. People should feel safe entering any facility that holds one of our licenses.”

Terminal 110's liquor license has been suspended until further notice.

The decision comes amid a spike in violence in the Elm City.

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