NEW HAVEN, CT (WFSB) – With summer camps not too far away, New Haven is looking for Elm City teenagers looking for work.

New Haven hires students every summer, but thanks to millions of dollars in federal funding coming into the city with the American Rescue Plan, New Haven is actually expanding its camps and youth activities this summer.

That means they need additional staff.

Inside New Haven’s hall of records, teens from across the city, like Deniya Williams, are hoping to snag a summer job.

As a little kid, Williams used to go to New Haven’s summer camps and now she hopes to be working them.

“I was excited honestly because I’ve been looking for a job lately and summer camp is a good start. You get to work with kids, have fun, it’s the perfect combination to have for the summer,” Williams said.

Every year, New Haven’s Youth and Recreation Department hosts a number of summer camps for kids, but this year it’s also teaming up with the Board of Education, staffing camps at schools, as part of the city’s Summer of Fun initiative.

“We have almost 3,000 young kids that have signed up for this program over the summer, a combination of academics and fun outdoor activities, and now we realized we have so many kids, we need extra older kids to help as counselors,” said Mayor Justin Elicker.

In fact, the city is looking for more than 200 teens and young adults to serve as counselors and camp directors.

It’s all part of New Haven’s summer reset, using part of some $6.3 million in federal funding from the American Rescue Plan to expand youth activities and hire additional staff.

“I love working with kids. We’ve been looking all over the place for me to work, ever since I turned 16, my birthday was last month,” said Ashley Rodrigeuz.

For those 16 and older that get hired, they’ll be looking at getting 25 hours a week and making between $12 and $15 an hour.

For Mehki McCotter, he says the only thing he’s worried about is working and saving some money.

“First thing I thought of was, I’m ready to work, so I’m ready to get to it,” McCotter said.

New Haven teens interested in a job need to submit their applications to the Youth and Recreation Department by Friday. Applicants can be picked up at city hall.

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